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Our Acupuncture Physicians have 15 years in combined clinical experience. We provide evidence based, hands on solutions to address a variety of health conditions. Please visit our scheduling page in order to see the cost of different treatments. Additionally, you can use a HSA (Health Savings Account) card to pay for treatments and some insurance plans do offer Acupuncture benefits.

We accept some insurance plans that carry Acupuncture benefits. Please text, email, or call 352-672-1181 before scheduling online to have your insurance benefits verified first.These are some of the plans that often have Acupuncture benefits:

Blue Cross Blue Shield (In Network):
Federal or State Employee Plans
City of Gainesville Employee (CYGH prefix)

VA Community Care. As a credentialed community clinic provider through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), we proudly serve our nation’s veterans. Discover if you qualify for 100% VA-covered care with us. Call us now to learn how to become our patient via the VA. We thank you for your service and are excited to provide you with exceptional care.

We are not able to accept regular Medicare as they haven’t started giving out Medicare Provider Numbers to Acupuncturists.

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"I tore my hamstring and had been suffering with pain for over a year. I was going to PT and chiropractor for months with minimal relief. Added in Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine and 3 months later I was discharged almost completely pain free! Great experience. Would definitely recommend."
Brittany H
"Mr. Alvaro Toledo has treated me for sciatica disorder with extreme success. I also suffer from scoliosis of the spine. His expertise and professionalism in the field of acupuncture have been a blessing. Thanks to him I’ve been able to live like a normal functioning human being. I will seek his services wherever he is. I highly recommend him based on my successful experience."
Carlos C
"Dr. Alvaro really cares about the patient's healing experience. He referred me for a blood panel with my doctor that revealed I had a genetic disorder for B12 absorption, which was the underlying cause of many of my muscle tightness issues. Dr. Alvaro is very knowledgeable and is up on the latest medical information. I highly recommend him."
Frances N

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Gainesville Acupuncture offers holistic healthcare based on safe and proven treatment methods. Our Licensed Acupuncturist, Alvaro Toledo, specializes in helping with conditions such as: pain (low back, knee, neck, shoulder, sciatica), digestive issues, menstrual imbalances, stress, insomnia, migraines, and TMJ. Serving Gainesville, Alachua, Tioga, Haile Plantation, and Newberry.