At Gainesville Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine we offer Cupping Therapy which is a technique practiced globally and that has its origins in Chinese Medicine and Greek Medicine. Both Hippocrates, father of Western Medicine, and Galen, a famous Greek physician and surgeon, were among the earlier users and proponents of cupping therapy. Cupping is primarily used for the treatment of muscle pain that’s either chronic or acute. This therapy works by increasing circulation to the muscle tissue that has become tight, and thereby helping bring more blood and oxygen to it. When a muscle is tight and painful, there is less blood and nutrients going into it, which causes a vicious cycle. The blood carries anti-inflammatory cytokines, but when a muscle is injured or strained, it sometimes causes the muscle to tighten and prevents proper circulation and diffusion of our natural anti-inflammatory chemicals. Cupping therapy stretches the muscle and brings nutrients and cytokines into it in order to reduce pain and inflammation. Cupping can leave temporary marks on the skin as a result of bringing more blood flow into the area and causing vasodilation of the tissues. These marks usually last anywhere between 1 to 4 days, and can vary in color from slightly red to light purple. In some rare cases of acute injuries or strains in athletes, the marks can have a darker purple color. Cupping can cause a dramatic improvement in range of motion and reduction in joint stiffness or pain.

At Gainesville Acupuncture & Holistic Medicine we integrate the use of cupping therapy when appropriate for the treatment of painful conditions. Olympic teams around the world make use of this technique with great results. We take pride in using evidence based and time tested therapies for better health.